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Why choose an eBike?

Quite simply, you can have more adventure without having to push through the pain!

All of the eBikes we offer use pedal assist technology. This means as you pedal, the integrated motor and battery smoothly apply added power. When riding you can easily change the level of assistance or switch it off completely, giving you complete control to power your adventure.

Which eBike is best for me?

We only stock the latest eBikes from the best brands such as Ribble and Haibike. You can choose a bike from the range below to suit your ride. If you're venturing offroad, we would suggest the Haibike Alltrail 4 or Hardseven 6 for lighter trails, or the CF6 & Allmtn 2 for the roughest terrains and downhill riding.

For cycling on roads or gravel paths, we recommend the Ribble Gravel. We can fit this with slick road tyres or wide gravel tyres for light offroad use to suit your ride.

Lets do it! How to go ahead and purchase a preloved eBike

Once you've chosen a preloved eBike simply click 'add to cart' and complete checkout. A member of our friendly team will then be in touch to confirm all the details.

Delivery & 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

For every purchase of a preloved eBike, a member of our team will deliver it your home to make sure you're happy with the purchase and get you riding. The best bit; this is completely free! Also included is a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee.

Want to hire an eBike instead?

Browse our eBikes for hire below.