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Haibike ALLTRAIL 4 27.5 Full Suspension eMTB

Haibike ALLTRAIL 4 27.5 Full Suspension eMTB

The AllTrail 4 27.5 is an excellent choice for those looking for a bit more comfort on bumpier forest trails, cross country riding and harsher terrain.

Our Haibike ALLTRAIL 4 27.5 provides maximum riding fun in more demanding terrain: Uphill, the sporty Yamaha PW-ST drive with 70 Nm torque and 630Wh battery supports you powerfully from the first crank revolution on. Reliable shifting and braking components from Shimano ensure that you always have your eBike fully under control in every situation. Suspension elements from SR Suntour, with 140 mm at the front and rear, offer you enough comfort even on rougher descents. 

The Yamaha Side Switch offers immediate data on speed, power mode and battery status, with more information available when scrolling through screens.

With every rental we provide a charger, helmet, lights, pump and saddle bag with a basic tool kit.

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